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  • Kiffany Dugger does it again, just when you thought Seth would ride off into the sunset with Alex, your hopes are dashed by his death. Coupled with more unexpected events, I was left asking myself what would happen next. This is a great sequel, I can't wait for the next installment.

    Bobby Amazon Review
  • This book was a page turn if I've ever read one!! I found myself staying up until very late in the night and waking up very early in the morning just to see what the heck "Seth" was up to. I was constantly wondering how everybody linked into this tangled mess of deception and mayhem. The author has you skeptical of EVERYONE!!!!! I can't wait to read more from Kiffany Dugger.

    Geda Amazon Review
  • I have often heard the term shop till u drop, but this was a read till u drop. Just when u thought u knew which way the story was going, u got shocked! I am an avid book reader, but I must say that this will be one of those books thy I will remember through time. My last word in response to this book.....SEQUEL PLEASE! I really would like to know what is really inside Noel, Seth or the unborn:))) things to make u say mmmmm......

    Sina Amazon Review
  • I love it when an author bursts onto the scene, and the story is well thought out, well written, and intelligent. This story had so many twists, turns and unexpected lines. I absolutely loved it. Welcome Ms. Duggar to my Must Read Author's List.

    Koda Amazon Review

Hi I'm Kiffany

Honestly, I’m just a girl from Detroit by way of Mississippi who loves to write juicy stories that make you stay up all night flipping pages. Between you and me, my leading ladies are really my alter egos peeking over the pages drawing you into their crazy world.

Being an author is not just about writing colorful anecdotes or merely selling books; It’s about painting a vivid intricately woven picture that engulfs the reader and takes them on a journey far beyond their imagination. One of the greatest rewards of being a writer, is brining joy to people’s lives through writing. I love meeting readers and developing long lasting relationships. While attending a book club meeting, one of the club members informed me that she missed a day of work to finish reading “The Green Eyed Butterfly.” Amazing feedback like that wonderful compliment inspires me to create without limits.

The love and support from my readers inspire me to stretch my imagination far beyond the realm of ordinary thinking and create vivid, riveting, suspenseful and soul stirring stories that leave you spellbound wanting more. I love to write and allow my characters to tell me what they want to say. When people ask me to classify my writing in a particular genre, I simply say, “I’m just a storyteller.”

Subscribers to Kiffany's mailing list receive updates about her upcoming book release, promotions, events, and other exciting news.
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